AdWords Tests Continue

First, Google moves AdWords results so that they are right next to the natural results.

Second, Google tests using sitelinks in ads.

Third, Google tests adding images in-line with AdWords results.

Google Adwords Image Testing - 1

Today, they are modifying the way that they are showing additional information by using their “more” methodology.

I again searched for “office supplies” to see if the images were still appearing below to the ad (see the post from yesterday).  They were not. Instead,  was showing a result with a little + next to it (same as their “Show options…” icon).


When you click on the +, the images associated with that ad take up a big percentage of the right-rail, pushing other ads way down the page.

Also visible on this test is something I mentioned yesterday. The “Google Checkout” icon that appears with the ad includes an orange note with $10 off – that is the first I have noticed a change to the check out icon.

One additional test that they are running is similar to the images test.  Google is showing  in-line maps for companies that have local stores.

Interestingly, I was able to get the capture of the map folded, but when I clicked on the “Show more” icon, the option to see the map went away. In fact, the search results page didn’t resolve properly, and I had to rerun the search. Unfortunately, the map option was completely gone when I ran the search again several times.

Click thumbnail to see image.

The one issue that really struck me with showing the map in-line, was that the example was a top placement for the ad. When the image was unfolded, it pushed down the organic results by half the screen! The in-line images shared by Search Engine Land pushed results down somewhat, but the map really took over the page.

Interesting things afoot – and with all of this testing coming relatively closely on the heels of Bing’s launch, methinks that Google is being reactive to what they perceive as a very strong competitor.