Favicons In Yahoo Ads

I received an email today at 1:24 from Yahoo Search Marketing announcing that they were going to start testing a display of certain sites’ favicon (the small image that appears next to the URL in the address bar) inline with pay per click ads.

At 2:00 PM, I checked my branded terms and saw this:

Here is where the favicon image appears.

Here is where the favicon image appears.


The red square is around the PRWeb favicon. Very cool. Interestingly, though, the icon is just showing up for brand searches – and exact match brand searches at that.  For longer-tail searches that INCLUDE the brand phrase, the icon does not seem to be appearing.  So testing various modifications of the site name, misspellings show the favicon, additional words do not – so “perwb” does show it, whereas prweb site does not.

The favicon is a nice touch,  however seeing it on longer-tail terms that include the brand phrase may be more likely to provide value in the long run than only showing it in exact match or misspelling circumstances.

This visual additional will add some value to brand-related keyword advertising. It will be interesting to see if people become more likely to click the paid ad than the natural search result because of the addition of the image.  I’m going to keep a close eye on clicks, click through and return on brand related phrases over the next several days and see what happens.

Search Engine Watch published a post about the favicon.ico addition, and you can see it here.