Flickr, SEO and Vacation Pics

So, I was away on vacation the first week of November. About this time of year, Tom and I go to someplace warm, sandy and new to both of us. This year, we went to Curacao. Just north of the coast of Venezuela, this island of the Dutch Antilles has some tourist attractions, but is primarily a haven of divers and outdoor activities. Although I don’t dive, I am an addicted snorkeler and underwater photographer.

So I took this opportunity to do some SEO/SMO testing with my photographs. I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr account. To further optimize the images, I have labelled all of them with “Curacao” and then something descriptive. Additionally, I added a link to the website for the hotel where we stayed. My test is that I am going to do some targeted searches to see whether my images are picked up by Google image search, and also see if the link has been picked up by doing a links command in Yahoo (there is rel=nofollow on the link, so I doubt it would ever show up in Google).

In any event, the vacation was wonderful! The week back has been a very busy one, but filled with interesting projects and planning for 2009 media and SEO projects. Cool stuff on the horizon.

11/17/08 update: Google Link command does not show my link to the resort yet. Also, image searches do not yet show my images. More to come…

11/21/08 update: Images still not in Google index. No links showing up from Flickr. Ok – experiment over (for now).