Google Adds Images to Adword Ads in Right Rail

In my last post, I talked about Google changing ad positions so that they areĀ  no longer right justified in search results, but are now next to the natural search results. Interestingly, I think this may be to accommodate some interesting changes that they are making to the types of results they are showing.

According to a Search Engine Land post this morning, Google seems to be testing sitelinks in Adwords (see the image and discussion on their site).

Google ALSO seems to be testing images in the right rail. In an attempt to recreate the ad that was shown in the article above, I did some associated searches. When I searched for “office supplies” the below results showed up in the right rail.


What is unclear is whether there is any user control over which products are shown or if these are based on Google shopping feeds.

What was most interesting to me is that not only did they show two product images, but the “Google Checkout” image was not in-line with the ad, but stuck WAY out to the right – a guaranteed eye-stopper for that ad compared to other ads.

Since Google tends to test different things at different times regionally, I don’t know if I am just late on seeing this particular format, or if this is something that Google has just launched. In any event, I certainly am glad that I am not one of the competitors trying to get sales from “office supplies” – and, to some level, not – I wonder what this additional exposure will do to their conversion rates (although they do have the magic 50% off messaging).

Another, more subtle change is that they also have a little addition to their Google checkout logo with “$10 off!” in orange.

So, have you seen anything along these lines in AdWords testing near you?