iPhone and Google Reader – Killer Combo

Just picked up an iPhone this weekend – and am in gadget-love! For the past year I have been biding my time in getting a better phone – and this weekend I could stand the wait no longer.

And after picking up my iPhone and running to DC for an art exhibit (unrelated), I came home to sync, configure and charge the new toy. While it was plugged in, I checked out various apps, and downloaded the Google Mobile App, which includes reader. I know that there are a number of other RSS readers I could have chosen, but I share my reader with others, so using Reader was important.

After uploading the application (along with about 10 others), I was able to catch up on a lot of my reading – and still share, star, comment, etc. – all of the non-mobile functionality of Google Reader.

I know that I am not bleeding edge when it comes to all things gadgety – but this is definitely a functionality I have found to be really useful!

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