News Optimization Articles

One of my favorite bloggers in the SEO and public relations space is Lee Odden from Top Rank Marketing and his blog at He has just finished a great series of articles about SEO tactics for public relations. To be honest, the post is a bit self-serving, because the articles he published are so good that I wanted a place where I could find them again easily.

Here are his articles, and I have added a synopsis (and in some cases opinion) of each.

Post 1: SEO Tactics for PR: If I could Online Do One Thing… In this post, Lee talks about the importance of search-friendly site design and internal linking structures to help Googlebot find all the important pages on a website.

 Post 2: Public Relations Activities that Affect SEO Lee dives into which types of activities and materials can be optimized and can affect search engine optimization. In short, if content can be searched on, it can be optimized. Great point!

Post 3: When is PPC Better than SEO for Public Relations? PPC can be leveraged to gain fast visibility for hot and trending news topics, where traditional SEO takes longer to get visibility. For instance, Lee shows an example of the NY Times using PPC to get attention to a story about Twitter. Another use for PPC in public relations is to combat or complement results that are starting to appear in natural search positions on the left side of the SERP. That is a very interesting point, Lee… Food for thought.

Post 4: How to Choose the Best Keywords for Optimized Public Relations Ahhh… the lowly yet vital keyword. Look here for good background on how to select appropriate keywords to use for optimizing public relations activities. The post also includes links to several keyword research tools.

Post 5: Do’s and Don’ts of On-Page SEO for Public Relations  Good discussion of what to manage for and what to measure.

Post 6: Essential Press Release Optimization Tips Check out a great checklist of what to do in optimizing press releases. If press releases and SEO are the responsibility of two different people, it’s important to have them talk with each other.  This checklist would be a great “template” to use during those discussions!

Post 7: Pull PR and Newsroom Optimization Tactics Lee talks about how companies should use an online newsroom to provide important information to journalists, analysts and more. Interestingly, he talks to organizing press releases not just by date, but organizing them by topic. I really like this tip – it’s useful to searchers and allows the search engines to categorize sections of the newsroom by topic, providing authority to those sections of the site and the pages to which they link.