Paid Search Conversion and a Good Reputation

It’s really interesting to see a positive reputation proves out in paid search conversion results.  First, some background. At PRWeb, we have a two step conversion process – first people register for a free account, and then they pay to submit press releases. As anyone who manages paid campaigns for a two-step conversion process knows, that second conversion (actually getting someone to take out their wallet), can be a challenge. Working to attain or maintain a good reputation helps to ease that challenge.

Here are a two areas that I found today in data analysis where positive reputation and word-of-mouth translated into revenue:

First – mentions during conferences.  During Q1, PRWeb exhibited in SMX West and SES New York. During both conferences, presenters mentioned PRWeb several times. Looking at the registration and sales conversion data for those two weeks (or the week immediately following), rates for conversion to sale from registrants went up very considerably.

And appreciation for PRWeb press distribution services didn’t stop with the presentations. It was great standing at the booth during SES New York and having a lot of people stop by the booth and profess their undying love for PRWeb. Ok. Maybe NOT undying love, but people who are familiar  with the services, are vocal proponents.

Second – re-engaged dormant registrations. Of the conversions to sale over this year so far, a very considerable proportion are from “old” registrations. And by old, I mean original registrations from over six months prior.  There have been some activities we have done to re-engage, and it seems that registrations coming from paid search have converted quite well.

In my previous job, where there had been reputation issues, re-engagement and spikes based on positive word-of-mouth were rarely evident in paid search results.