SEO and World Domination

I just finished doing some research about whether a .biz or .com TLD was going to affect SEO results. Since it’s not practical to do a test before I can send a response, i did a bunch of digging.

Seems like it’s a hot topic – but don’t see too many people having any impiric evidence of value one way or the other.

HOWEVER – I did read that there seems to be a preference for .edu and .gov TLDs (top level domains). So, here’s my plan. Since I will never get a .edu TLD, I am going to go for a .gov.

How, do you ask, can I get a .gov? Well the plan is this. Create my own sovereign nation! That’s right! A friend of mine who works at the World Bank once recommended that this wasn’t nearly as difficult to do as one might think! And if I become the monarch of say, Ebuzzeria, in either the Caribbean or Pacific Islands, I could justify getting a .gov TLD!

There are also other benefits to declaring my own country. For instance, I would own 200 mile fishing rights radius, and could charge people to fish in my waters. I could also join the United Nations, and become friendly with nations who might invest a bit in having me swing a vote their way.

Now the downside to this plan is that I have to find said deserted island (and, yes ISLAND – it has to have fresh water and the ability to grow food), then I have to LIVE on this island. Warm island. Soft breezes. Palm trees. Wait. That is definitely NOT the downside!

So, that’s my plan for world-domination. Or at least how I can get a .gov TLD. I’ll keep you up to date on how that works – or keep an eye on my URL, above…